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Welcome to the BEACON website!

BEACON stands for: Building Evidence-based Action into Community Outreach Networks

BEACON wants to build partnerships with community cancer programs to connect research and practice, link community partners to existing resources and provide training on adapting and using programs shown to work in other settings. We believe that the best way to reduce the burden of cancer in communities experiencing cancer health disparities is to work together in developing and using programs (e.g. awareness, screening and educational) that have either been proven to work or have a high likelihood of success if put into practice.

BEACON is a collaborative project involving Prevention Research Center (PRC) at Saint Louis University School of Public Health, National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service (NCI-CIS), and the NCI-designated Center for Cultural Cancer Communication (4C) at Washington University in St. Louis. BEACON will work together with community partners to further its capacity to support and participate in cancer prevention and control research in Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Louis communities with cancer disparities.

What BEACON does:

  • Provides training in how community partners can adopt and adapt cancer programs that have been proven successful through research and evaluation (i.e. evidence- based programs).

  • Connects community partners to each other and to existing resources.

  • Conducts regular forums among network members to identify and prioritize community needs.

  • Provides opportunities for shared funding to evaluate and/or disseminate evidence- based approaches.

  • Conduct joint research with community partners to further test the effectiveness of health interventions and add to the body of evidence.